My short trip discovering Prosecco and its wonderful lands started from Valdobbiadene, the heart of this charming area. As we arrived, because of the perfect time, we decided to have an aperitif at Salis wine cellar, an enchanting place surrounded by historical Cartizze hills. A nice glass of wine and a breathless panorama allowed us to forget all the hours stacked in traffic jam.

On Saturday we decided to have lunch at “Osteria senz’Oste“, a tavern encircled by beautiful vineyards. The main characteristic of this tavern is that there’s no the host and so guests can serve by themselves. Each product has its own “value” (pay attention, not a price) and therefore it’s all about the honesty of guests leaving their money (in the right measure) into the host cash register.

Water seems to be disappear (maybe it’s quite fair in this land), while the wine can be bought by specific vending machines along the way to vineyards.


So, just buy bread, salame, cheese and a nice host Prosecco bottle, sitting outside and enjoy the amazing view on the hills.

As we finished the lunch and left behind Valdobbiadene, in the afternoon we drove to Vittorio Veneto. We have been welcomed by Sarah, the owner of the agritourism “la Vigna di Sarah“, where we stayed overnight. Just the time to leave our luggages into the room and we have been cuddled with a wine tasting, all came with a selection oh local jams, salumi and cheese. Wines have been so good but what is really fulfilling is the splendid view. We could stay there hours and hours drinking wine and admiring the surrounded hills. Sarah told us about her agritourism, her vineyards and her wines. You just need to listen to her enthusiasm to understand how much she cares about.
The most interesting part of this stay has been our room: a real barrel.

The “lunotto”, entirely made of wood, is furnished in each detail and equipped with all the comforts a small place can be equipped.

On Sunday morning we had a huge breakfast with home made cakes and other sweets. The weather was not so good so we decided to come back home. Along the way we stopped in Verona, could we miss a visit in the city of love?


A short tour in the center, two spritz, a Sunday lunch and straight to the way to home. In this way we finished our weekend visiting Prosecco hills.

Tell me, have I convince you to visit this wonderful land?

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