Singapore, three towers, 57 floors and an infinity pool. Do you know what we’re talking about? One of the most famous hotels in the world, the Marina Bay Sands. Our journey between Singapore and Malaysia ended right here. When it came to choose where to stay, the choice has been so difficult. We saw the Marina and we literally fell in love with it. We immediately thought it was an experience to do at least once in a lifetime. So, we acted on impulse, booking two nights in this beautiful gem.
The probability of being disappointed was undoubtedly really high. You know, when something is idealized, it’s possible that this differs from reality. This was not the case of the Marina Bay Sands, everything went beyond our expectations. From the first impact, looking at the hotel from the famous bay in front of it, we’ve been literally breathless. Three huge towers rush into the sky, joined at the top by the famous infinity pool, so as to look like a giant submarine. It’s really majestic and at night, all lit up, it leaves even more without words.


Our room was located on the 50th floor of tower 3 and had a terrific view of the Singapore skyline. It almost felt like having the city at our feet. A unique and priceless feeling. Everything in the room is automated, from the lighting system to the blinds. Nothing is left to chance. Each room can have a dedicated staff manager and you can access multiple activities via the TV. You can reserve a table in one of the many restaurants of the complex or book a massage at the SPA.


The pride of the hotel is undoubtedly the infinity pool on the 57th floor. Only guests can use them. You enter only through special turnstiles that open thanks to the room’s magnetic key. The pool is always very crowded, but who wouldn’t take advantage of it with such a view?


Despite opening at 6 am, very few seats are still available at 7 am in the front row (a few steps from the entrance or even in the water). Don’t miss the happy hour in the evening… french fries and a Singapore Sling, could we ask for something better?


Weren’t you able to book the hotel and don’t want to miss the spectacular view of the skyline? No problem! You can have a cocktail at the C’est la vie bar or access the Sky Deck (S $)

If you think that the Marina Bay Sands is just a hotel, you’re wrong! Inside it, you can really find everything. Imagine something … here you will find it! There is even a stream that reproduces the canals of Venice. Want to take a gondola ride? Here, it is possible! The mall is really huge, and it would take days to visit it all! Among the many restaurants located inside, we can recommend two, one for lunch and one for dinner. The Din Tai Fung, with its famous dumplings, is the riht place for a fast break. The Koma is a Japanese-style restaurant with really high quality raw materials and excellent service. The perfect spot for a romantic dinner!



Disclaimer: Marina Bay Sands offered us a media rate for the stay, but all the opinions expressed in this article are absolutely our own

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