After my last article about the beauty of Valtellina, I’ve promised you that there would be other posts. Here I am to tell you my unforgettable experience at Bagni Nuovi of Bormio (QC spa). As you already know, it’s about 25 years that I visit this area but I’ve never spent time in this wonderful spa. So, Robi and I decided to have some relax staying at Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi of Bormio, which enjoys direct access to the spa. The resort is located in the heart of Stelvio National Park and from each room it’s possible to admire the surrounding Alpine landscape: Bormio basin, Valdidentro and Stelvio cliffs. Walking through the nineteenth century style hotel it seems to be into a fairytale.

As soon as we checked in and left the luggage into the room we immediately headed to the wide spa garden (Venus garden) which includes 7 pools. Inside the garden it’s possible to visit the Neptune cave which links Jupiter and Hercules baths, the hottest area of spa. After an entire afternoon spent among outdoor pools and indoor paths in total relax, we came back to our room where a little surprise was waiting for us.

We had dinner in the in the magnificent Balls’ Salon (Sala dei Balli), the historic hotel’s restaurant where the chef’s proposal is made by traditional Valtellina dishes prepared in a creative and international way. We opted for a great Sassella and a four-course menu as follows:

  • As appetizer “Pie of brisé, finferli trifolati with Bitto fonduta, truffle drops and agretti” for me and “Deer salad, rocket, stracciatella (Italian cheese, cranberries and chips of pear and bread” for him

  • We continued with “High Valtellina pizzoccheri with Casera cheese, wild spinach and aromatic butter” for me (obviously) and “Turnip tops and Roccaverano robiola cheese cappellacci with delicate anchovies’ sauce, crispy leaves and tomatoes confit” for him

  • As main dish “Seared lamb, friggitelli and hazelnuts gains with porcini mushrooms” for both
  • Finally, as dessert “Lemon and cold pistachio mousse” for me (could I let pistachio dessert escape?) and “Dark heart with passion fruit” for him

The dinner has been perfect, not just for the quality of the dishes but also for the atmosphere that this beautiful hall broadcasts. The kindness and the attentions of all the staff in the room made this experience even more magic by giving us a fabulous stay.

The next morning, after a generous breakfast (and when I say generous I mean really generous), we got a new day of total relax at the spa. We decided to spend the morning at Bagni Nuovi, while in the afternoon we visited Bagni Vecchi (thanks to the shuttles made available by the hotel every hour). Bagni Vecchi, in a higher position compared to Bagni Nuovi, are characterized by centuries-old caves that lead to one of the millennial springs. The panoramic pool (the very first spa pool) has been dug into the rock and offers an amazing view of Bormio basin. Unfortunately during our stay, the pool was closed for restoration but we have been comforted by other pathways, including Roman medieval baths (you cannot miss the mattress room for a totally relax situation).

My experience at Bagni Nuovi (and Vecchi) in Bormio has been amazing, not only for the magic place where the resort is located but also for the whole staff that allowed us to live a real fairytale.


Did I convince you to leave?

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