A trip to Kenya must include a safari. One day cannot be enough, so just reserve at least three days to visit the parks. If you’re curious to know how to organize this trip, here’s the link to my previous post. Now let’s talk about the days spent in the resort.

After months of work, there’s nothing better than spending your holidays relaxing under the shade of a palm tree. In Watamu, as well as in the rest of the Kenyan coast, during the day there are moments of low and high tide. However, these phases don’t take place at the same time. Every day, these are postponed for an hour. When the ocean recedes, in front of our beach, appear two beautiful small islands: the island of love and the island of turtles.

Unfortunately, in August, unlike December and January, the beach is full ofseaweed and swimming is almost impossible. Thanks to the low tide it’s possible to reach these islands along long stretches of fine white sand and also swim in beautiful crystal ocean.

The life in the resort is so relaxing but sometimes can be boring. That’s how we decided to take some day trips, including the blue safari and Marafa canyon.

On the 15th of August we visited Waka Waka island. Before arriving at the destination, however, we stopped at the marine park of Watamu and then at Garoda beach, full of tourists.

To me, “Ferragosto” has always meant only one thing: barbecue. Could we stop this tradition? No! This year, however, we left aside ribs, salamelle and various steaks for lobster, shrimps, octopus and tuna. A great barbecue of fish!

When you’re in Marafa, it seems to be in America. The canyon is also known as Hell’s Kitchen. In summer, the temperatures are so high that it is almost impossible to stay inside. Visiting it in August is perfect, it’s not too hot and worth it. The canyon is mainly known for its landscapes and colors.

Bananino, our guide, told us a lot about this place. He explained us how it has changed over the years, that what we see today could be totally different from what we’ll see tomorrow and again, that once, these rocks were used as make-up by local women. The best time to visit Marafa is undoubtedly at sunset. Unfortunately, we were not very lucky because the sky was cloudy, but what we saw was equally beautiful. Do you agree?

We booked both the tours with Hassan, one of the beach boys of our resort. There are different opinions about trips organized by them but trust me when I tell you that Hassan will try to satisfy all your needs. If you stay at Sun Palm Beach ask for him. My advice, however, is to rely on a real agency (like the one of Luciana, that you can find in this post) for organizing major excursions, such as the safari.

Before concluding the post, here are some practical tips if you plan to visit Kenya:
1. Currency: the local currency is the Kenyan shilling, which is equivalent to 0.0084 euros. The euro, like the dollar, is accepted by everyone. To avoid any possible fraud, however, my advice it to change something before leaving.
2. Mobile: the hotel’s wifi is not working very well and using the Vadafone passport would have cost us a fortune. So, we decided to purchase a local sim. With only 15 euros, the company Safaricom offers the purchase of the sim and 10 gigabytes in 4G. To buy it, you can easily contact the beach boys.
3. Vaccinations: we didn’t get any vaccination or any malarial prophylaxis. I can tell you that it has been confirmed to us by lots of people that cases of malaria on the coast don’t occurred for more than ten years. We compared pros and cons and we chose this way. However, everyone is free to make his own decision.
4. Flights: we flew with Ethiopian Airlines and I can say that it’s really a good company. No delay, discreet food and excellent assistance. We would recommend it! If you want a flight without stopovers, you should choose Neos.

If you dream of a holiday that can combine relax and adventure just choose Kenya, you will not regret. We have already been hit by the sickness of Africa.

For more pictures, here’s the link to my Instagram account

See you soon

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