My name is Alessandra, I’m 25 and I live in a really small village close to Milan. I firstly graduated in corporate economics and then I decided to specialize in international business management. The last semester I had the opportunity to live and study in the United States, precisely in Greensboro (North Carolina) and it’s there that I developed the idea to open a blog about two of my biggest passions: travel and food. At the beginning, it has been called “The Insatiable Passport” but now it has taken the name “Gate 29”. I’m curious, the boredom scares me and so I can’t stay without doing anything. “YOLO” became my motto, “you only live once” so why waiting for doing something you really love?

The idea of the blog started after a period of study spent in America to share with you my biggest passions. “Gate” because the blog wants to be a sort of boarding area from which leaving to discover new places, described by articles and photos. 29 because over last years has become my number.
Starting from this year, the blog became a real travel itinerary. The major turning point is due to the fact that the trip won’t be illustrate only by tourists, but also by people who live there every day. So, articles will be written by me but also by some girls around the world that share their culture to fully experience the country as a real local. We’ll start from Italy and slowly we’ll move to other places. Destination? The world!
Last call for the flight now boarding at Gate29!