September has always meant one thing: back to routine. Wake up early in the morning, long queues on the highway, the crowd in the metro and so much stress. Unfortunately, holidays have passed tpp quickly. Kenya, its warm colors, the long stretches of white sand and the crystalline sea seem to be just a distant memory.

We decided to book this wonderful trip with Passion Africa, an Italian agency based in Malindi. Luciana, the owner, has organized everything in a perfect way, from the stay in the village to the safari, including all the transfers. She took care about every detail. We couldn’t take a better decision! We immediately perceived the passion that Luciana has for her work. She’s an extremely sunny person, able to infect everyone with her sympathy and also, she’s really competent and professional.


We spent the first six days on the coast, at the Sun Palm Beach resort in Watamu. The following days, however, we moved inland to spend three days on safari. There’s a lot to say about Kenya, so I decided to write more posts. Here’s the first one, completely dedicated to the safari.

Wake up at 6, departure at 7, a good coffee and soon on the our way to the first destination. The driver of the jeep was Lupo, a real Masai, while Alessandro, Luciana’s collaborator, was the guide. During the trip we listened to the stories they told us. The guide spoke a lot about the history of Kenya and Africa, the different tribes that live there, the parks and many other little curiosities. Alessandro proved to be an excellent guide, professional, competent and always very attentive to the needs of people he’s with. After five hours we finally arrived at the first park, Tsavo East. A quick lunch at the Ashnil Aruba Lodge and ready for the real safari. I’ve no words to describe the emotion of seeing all those animals walking close to us. Elephants, lions, zebras and giraffes are just some of these. We used to watch them in some documentary on TV and seeing them passing next to our jeep was something special and unique.

Here’s a curiosity: do you know that elephants are considered the engineers of the nature? If these animals disappear, the whole ecosystem could change or even cease to exist. The elephant, with its force, could uproot trees that can be the nourishment of other animals and without which they could not survive.

At 6.30 we came back to the lodge, but not before having saw a spectacular sunset. The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. These are the colors that only Africa can have.

We came back to the lodge and we had dinner at the restaurant, then we headed to our rooms, or better call them tents. It was so beautiful sleeping in the middle of nature, hearing the animals during the night and then seeing them right out the tent in the morning. It was absolutely one of the most beautiful experience of all time.

Wake up at 5.30, breakfast at 6 and ready for another adventure. We spent the morning at Tsavo before leaving for the second park. We finally saw a beautiful lion passing close to the jeep. Believe me, a feeling that I cannot describe. As you can see, the lion has not the big mane we used to see on them. This is why in this area is too hot and so it’s not able to develop it.

Thanks to our guide Alessandro for this beautiful shot

Around noon we arrived at Lualenyi Conservancy where we finally met Luciana and the owners of Lualenyi Camp, Davide and Cristina (here’s the link of the camp website). Here we had a wonderful lunch under a beautiful baobab. I guess the photos can say everything.

After lunch we went to the camp, where we rested for a few hours in our rooms. The camp has only six tents and unlike the first lodge we stayed in, there’s no fence around here. Yes, it’s possible that some animals come to visit you during the night. At 4 we had a little tea and coffee break, we got ready for the safari by night.

Since the Lualenyi is a private reserve, we didn’t have to come back at 6.30 and then we stayed outside a couple of hours more. As we came back we had a happy hour near the bonfire and then a great dinner. Both people and food were excellent, but we were so tired and so we went to our tents.

At 6 am the guardian passed tent by tent to give the alarm. As soon as you hear “jambo” be ready to immediately respond. A great breakfast in the middle of the savannah and we were ready for another safari. After several hours, we came back to the camp. Davide and Cristina, friendly and professional, know how to pamper their guests.

After delicious tagliatelle with ragù (believe me when I tell you that they have nothing to envy to those eaten here in Italy) we got ready for coming back for Watamu.

I guess that no other words are needed. I can only tell you that it has been one of the best experiences of my life. Maybe the best one.

For more pictures, here’s the link to my Instagram account

See you soon

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